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Online and Paper are the same.

This year, online and paper programs work the same within each age category.

  • BABIES and TODDLERS* -- mark off time spent talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing.  Birth - 24 months

  • KIDS* -- mark off time spent reading, creating, and exploring.  Birth to 7th grade

  • TEENS -- mark off your first 2 hours of reading each week.  6th grade - college freshman

  • ADULTS -- log your titles as you finish each book, or log community events attended.  18+ years

The only difference is where you go to mark off your reading: on paper or online.

*The EARLY BIRD week in the Babies and Kids programs allows you to start on June 4.

Willing to do 2xs the reading & activities for 2xs the prizes? You can play online and on paper.

Check out the Events Calendar to see what's in store this summer.

Important Dates

Tue, May 01 - Registration Opens

Mon, Jun 04 - Children's & Babies' Early Bird participation begins

Mon, Jun 11 - Official Start of 2018 Summer Library Programs: start logging your reading and activities

Sun, Aug 12 - Official End of 2018 SLP: last day to log reading/activities

Sat, Aug 18 - Last day to pick up weekly prizes and submit Grand Prize drawing tickets

Mon, Aug 20 - Grand Prize Drawings For All Programs: winners will be contacted by phone or email

All prizes must be picked up in person at Appleton Public Library. Staff will ask for your Library Card or photo ID when picking up larger prizes.

Playing Online

Babies, Kids, and Teens:  Click when you've completed your reading/activity for specific days of the week to earn online badges and participation prizes.

Adults:  Enter the titles you have read, or community events you attended.  You may submit more than once in a week as needed.

Playing online is super-convenient with the APL App!

Click 'READING PROGRAM' to access in the app.

OPTIONAL For Extra Badges

-- complete additional Missions

-- enter Secret Codes from Events: some Adult and Kids' events will share a Secret Code for you to submit at the bottom of your Home page. Kids' program participants who enter a Secret Event Code will also be entered in additional prize drawings.

(Some Missions also include a Secret Code, but you will enter it in the Mission itself, rather than the  Event Secret Code area.)

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