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Program Banner APL's 2016 Online Summer Library Program

June 6 - August 8

Registration opens May 2


View our Frequently Asked Questions page for more answers...

Can I count ebooks and audiobooks?
   Of course!

Can I count books I read to my kids?
   For sure: in the Kid's program! The Kid's program keeps track of whether or not you/they read each day, rather than logging each individual title. Reading to your kids counts toward the goal of daily reading for the Kid's program. For the Adult program, log any titles (appropriate to your own reading level) that you begin and finish during the program.

Can I count the time that I spend reading a book even if I don’t finish it?
   Depends on your program. Some programs let you count off that you read that day or how many minutes you read in a week, whereas others have you keep track of books you finished reading. 

Can I join the program after its official start date?
   Yes, absolutely.

Can I count reading that I’ve done before the official start date?
   No way! But don't forget to keep logging your reading once it DOES start.


PARENTS -- During registration, adults have the option to Add a Child Account.

Creating child accounts in this way allows you to manage everyone’s progress without logging in and out repeatedly.

Everyone still has their own login and profile, but you can access all of them from your master account.

(Linking accounts in this way is not required. Children can be registered separate from a parent or guardian’s account.)

Earn points and collect Badges for doing all kinds of stuff, like Reading, playing Games, going to library Events, and completing Missions.

How it Works:

  • Register / Log in
  • Earn points by logging your Reading. Kids don't log each book, they indicate that they read on the days they read and can pick their favorite title from the day. Some programs will also have optional Reading Lists and Missions to complete.
  • Earn Badges and unlock Games along the way, and maybe even some fun Offers or Prizes.
  • Get a printable Completion Certificate when you earn the points required for your program. Then, enter the Bonus round to unlock more games.

Just want to do the paper program instead?

You still can.

-- Register at the Children's or Information desk.

-- Babies, Toddler, Kids, and Teens will receive a paper reading log.  Present your filled-out reading log each week at the Children's or Information desk.

-- Adults will fill out a drawing ticket with their name and the title of the book they read that week and then place it in the box at the Information Desk.

The online program is essentially the same as the paper program described above. The major benefit to playing online is that you can do it anytime, anywhere: you need only come into the Library to pick up your prizes and don't have to keep track of a paper log.

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